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Window Cleaning Supplies

If you want to get a sparkling, crystal clear finish for your windows, there are some tools you should consider investing in. They’ll make a big difference to the job and save you time in the long run.

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning windows is using too much of any chemical. Especially when it comes to spray bottles, it’s critical to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and use the correct ratio of water to cleaning chemicals.


Squeegees are a useful tool for getting gleamingly clean windows. They are great for removing water from a window, and they are also effective at scraping away any grime on the surface.

Squeegees can come in a variety of styles, but they all work the same way: The squeegee’s rubber blade seals the glass and removes water. They are usually available in different shapes, and some have bi-blades that help clean the glass more effectively.

Choosing the right type of squeegee is important. They can be made from natural sponge or synthetic materials, and both types can work well on windows.

It’s also important to keep the squeegee’s base distance consistent at all times, so that it can get a good grip on the glass. If the base distance is too small, it will cause streaking and slow down your cleaning.

When you’re squeezing out the soapy water, hold the handle of the squeegee in your dominant hand with your thumb half-way between the top and the side. Then, you can apply pressure to the squeegee, making sure the rubber stays on the glass at all times.

Once the squeegee is firmly on the glass, apply steady pressure and pull at an angle of about 45 degrees. This angle ensures that the squeegee blade is at the correct distance from the surface, which allows it to glide easily. Keeping the right base distance will speed up your cleaning and give you better results.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are great for a wide variety of cleaning tasks, from wiping up spills to polishing stainless steel appliances. They are also effective on window glass and can help to give a streak-free shine.

They don’t require any harsh chemicals, and they can be used wet or dry to clean your windows. They’re a great alternative to paper towels, and they don’t leave behind residues that can cause bacteria to grow.

The reason microfiber cleaning cloths are so good for a variety of tasks is because they’re made from split fibers that have an incredibly small diameter. This makes them able to pick up and attach themselves to microscopic particles of dirt and grime, which they then trap until you rinse them off.

According to Leanne Stapf, the chief operating officer at The Cleaning Authority, and environmental toxin expert Tonya Harris, this is because the microfibers rely on an electromagnetic attraction called van der Waals force to hold them in place and attract particles. These forces are weak, so they can easily be broken by rinsing the cloth under hot water.

However, these fabrics can be prone to tangling, so make sure you wash them separately and don’t combine them with other items like clothing or towels. Never use bleach or fabric softeners on them, as they can damage the cloth and congest the space between the fibers.

Water-Fed Pole and Water Purifier System

The water-fed pole and water purifier system is a revolutionary tool that allows professional window cleaners to clean high windows without the need for a ladder. This system is used by most window cleaning companies all over the world and is becoming increasingly popular here in the United States.

The water fed pole uses pure water and a special brush that scours the glass to remove dirt, dust, sand, and other debris from the window. It is also 100% natural and does not require the use of harsh chemicals or detergents.

Using this type of technology makes window cleaning less expensive, safer, easier, and faster than traditional methods. It also saves the environment by preventing the release of harmful chemicals and soapy residue into groundwater.

In addition, this system is safe for gardens, lawns, and landscaping. It also eliminates the need for a ladder and reduces set up time and labor costs.

The water fed pole is often made from carbon fiber and is 60 feet or more in length. This allows the technician to clean windows that are higher than usual, including those that are located in apartment buildings and other tight areas.


Buckets are a useful tool when it comes to cleaning windows. You can use them to carry the soapy water you need and they also come with ergonomic handles that are perfect for holding the squeegee and other window cleaning tools.

They are often made of tough polypropylene and are also available in a wider rectangular shape that allows them to hold more window cleaners’ supplies. They are also a good choice for storing and transporting water, as well as cleaning chemicals and detergent solutions.

Another important consideration for buckets is whether they are food grade. These are marked with a small triangle on the bottom that contains a number, typically #2.

A plastic that is labeled #2 is generally considered a food grade material, as it does not contain any type of toxic or harmful materials that may leach into the food inside the bucket. Nevertheless, regular buckets that are not labeled as food grade can still be dangerous to store foods in if they have been manufactured with release agents that can contaminate the food stored in them.

If you want to buy a bucket that is food grade, make sure to find a food grade plastic that is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This type of material is also the most common and most durable type of plastic used for buckets. In addition, it is also recyclable and BPA free.


Sleeves are a great accessory to have on hand for cleaning windows. They are fitted over t-bar handles and can be used to apply cleaning solution as you scrub and loosen up dirt and stains on the window.

These sleeves are available in various sizes and are made of synthetic materials or durable microfibers that can lift dirt off of windows and other surfaces. They are also often designed to withstand many washings.

For example, the Unger Monsoon strip washer sleeve is made from a heavy-duty fabric that holds 20% more water than standard wash sleeves. It is also equipped with a scrubbing pad on one end to help remove bird droppings and baked-on grime and grit.

Another type of sleeve is the Ettore Golden Glove, which is a mixture of yellow and white microfiber that can hold a lot of water. It’s double-stitched for durability and comes with a scrubbing pad at one end for particularly stubborn spots.

In addition, you can purchase buckets for your employees that eliminate the need for a container at their service location. These are available in several sizes and can be filled with both soap or water to make the cleaning process easier for them.

Belt and Holsters

Window cleaners need a belt to help carry their squeegees, towels and other tools when they’re cleaning windows. They also need holsters to hold their tools in place. There are several different types of holsters and belts, so it’s important to choose one that works for you.

The first thing to look for in a holster is how many loops it has. The number of loops a holster has will determine how many tools it can hold. Most holsters have two or more loops and are made from nylon or leather.

Another factor to consider is how the holster attaches to the belt. Some holsters will have notches where the belt will pass through and others will use velcro to attach.

Finally, a holster should be durable and able to hold squeegees for extended periods of time. Some holsters even have a special grip to keep the squeegee from sliding out of the holster.

When choosing a holster, window cleaners should make sure that it can hold their tools securely and is oriented for right hand use. The holster should also be adjustable to fit their waist size.

If you’re looking for a holster that can hold both your squeegees and a scrubber, consider the Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster. This holster has a small loop that fits most brands of thin channel squeegees. It attaches easily to a belt and is oriented for right-handed use.



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