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Those who have read the manga “Kichikujima” will tell you that it is not only a thrilling experience, but it is also filled with great characters and a setting that will take you away to a world of adventure and fun. If you have never read this manga, then you should check it out today! You will not regret your decision.

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Probably one of the most popular horror manga series in Japan, Kichikujima (Freak Island) tells the tale of a group of college kids stranded on an island. However, it’s not just about blood and gore; the storyline also revolves around a surprisingly functional family life, the Yakuza.

The title Kichikujima is a bit of a misnomer, since it was first published in Web Gamma Comics, and later republished by LINE. The story is about a group of college students who find themselves stranded on a remote island. However, their stay is relatively short-lived, as the island is inhabited by dernaged cannibals. There is also a short anime spinoff, and a prequel to the series.

Kichikujima is a fun read. The storyline follows a group of college students who find themselves on a remote island, and are quickly trapped by a group of dernaged cannibals. The island is home to a slew of ghouls and ghoulish creatures, including a deity based on a pig’s snout, a frog and a goat. The characters’ lives are also enlightened by the presence of a Yakuza hitman, who is the good guy in this tale of murder. However, he has his flaws.

Kichikujima (or Freak Island) is a fun and a little bit scary manga series that can be enjoyed by adults and teens alike. The storyline is a bit overdone, but the gore and clever storyline are more than enough to make the series a keeper.


Among the characters of Kichikujima are Yoshikazu, the patriarch of the mutant cult; Kaoru, the male protagonist and the youngest child of Yoshikazu and Mariko; Mari, the female protagonist and the younger sister of Yoshikazu; and Anna, the female protagonist and the older sister of Mari. These characters are part of a family of monstrous serial killers. These monstrous serial killers are referred to as the “Kichikujima family”. In the manga, there are many suspenseful moments and shocking events. It is not recommended for squeamish readers.

During the first part of the manga, Takahisa was a normal college student. He was separated from the other members of the group and became a mutant. He became extremely fast and gained durability. Takahisa later joined a club to get close to his crush, Uehara. He also became obsessed with Yuka Uehara. As his obsession became stronger, he became deranged and questioned whether he would ever be normal.

The manga series ends with the characters being reunited on the island, Freak Island. However, a new cast of characters will debut. In November 2022, Part 2 of Kichikujima will be released. This new series will be known as Kaoru no Taisetsu na Mono and will air on BS NTV in Japan.


Quite possibly the most well known of the horror manga genre, Kichikujima is an intriguing saga featuring a family of monstrous serial killers. The story is set on an abandoned island, where the bloodthirsty inhabitants are a lot more sinister than they appear. One of the more interesting features of this manga is the way the author, Masaya Hokozono, has managed to combine the usual kooky slasher fare with a more serious tone. It’s an enlightening read for those seeking a dose of slasher fiction in the comfort of their home.

Kichikujima’s ilk is not without its flaws. However, it is one of the most enjoyable and most exciting horror mangas I’ve come across in some time. For example, one of the more memorable scenes involves a group of students stranded on the island, where they are attacked by a large man in a pig mask. Luckily, the group has a number of tricks up their sleeves, and they come out on top in the end.



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