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Niggermania – Is Niggermania Racism Or Apes?

You may wonder if niggers are gang rape victims or violent apes. There are subforums on Niggermania dedicated to these two topics. Fortunately, there are plenty of people with a similar interest. Read on to learn more about this unique type of internet community. Listed below are some of the main aspects of niggermania. The main goal of Niggermania is to provide a safe space for all niggers and their supporters.


The Internet has become such a hotbed of racial tension, so it’s only natural that people would turn to the forums of websites like Niggermania for support. In addition to the general forum, you can also find sections dedicated to the president and first lady of the United States, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. While these are not the only forums on Niggermania, they are a good place to begin your search for a new social network.

The term “nigger” is a shortened version of the word “nigger.” It is a nihilistic word, meaning “lacking common sense or intelligence.” It refers to the town where niggers live, which is reminiscent of a garbage dump. Niggers want handouts and reparations, and want something for nothing. Niggermania is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular, affecting a number of different communities around the world.

In the 1960s, the black arts movement mandated the creation of positive black imagery. But when negative black images were portrayed as the antidote to positive black imagery, the white art establishment slipped out of the new multicultural etiquette. Suddenly, politically incorrectness became fashionable. It’s important to realize that the positive black images in art are not the only negative ones. They are only one type of negative black images, but they are the most powerful.

A lack of knowledge about the phenomenon may even contribute to the problem. Some researchers have found that some individuals may develop niggermania when a negative perception about their race and ethnicity is present. They may also be unable to comprehend the true meaning of the word “niger” and how it relates to niggers. Although the EEOC has made no definitive diagnosis, it is nonetheless important to understand the concept of “nigger.”

niggers are violent apes

Is there a way to stop niggers from promoting violence? It’s an age-old question, but it bears answering. If so, what should we do to change our behavior? Let’s look at two examples. In the first, a police officer manhandled a Black female school teacher because she was suspected of being a prostitute. The officer then left her without feminine products, toothpaste, or deodorant and paraded her into court without her pants. A similar incident happened last year, and in this case, a Black female school teacher was beaten by police officers and accused of being a prostitute. In the same way, black women have been called niggers and apes. Even sports magazines like Sports Illustrated have called Serena Williams an ape.

niggers are a “safety valve”

Ethnocentrism is a cultural trait. Some people may be prone to ethnocentricity and niggermania, but it’s not the only one. Thousands of people per year join online groups with the same goal of demonizing a group of people. But this kind of thinking is not entirely healthy, and it can lead to trouble. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate the risks associated with such an attitude.

niggers are a “safety valve” for racial superiority

Kahn-Harris argues that music plays a role in oppressive behavior. In particular, he says that music is used by white supremacists in an effort to justify their own violent behavior. But music does not necessarily promote violence. Instead, it serves as a “safety valve” for racial superiority, allowing the group to justify its actions.

While there is a clear danger in allowing such speech, it is also an important safeguard against violence. Although there are some examples of white supremacists who deliberately promote hate speech, these acts are hardly an uncommon occurrence. Indeed, some studies have shown that people’s attitudes toward groups don’t change, even when these disparaging remarks are made by whites.



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