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Katagi Modoshi Chapter 1

Katagi modoshi chapter 1 is now available at Rawkuma. This manga is based on the science fiction light novel of the same name.

Katagi modoshi is a saga manga series that follows the adventures of an adventurer named Kato. It is set in the fictional world of kokusai and takes place during the era of warlords.


The first chapter of katagi modoshi introduces us to the world and its main characters. It also introduces the main protagonist, Akane, and her journey to become a Rakugoka. The story has an interesting concept and is set in a fantasy setting. It is an ideal read for someone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy. It is also a good choice for people who are looking for a new manga to read.

The characters are diverse and have a variety of personalities. They are often very strong willed and have great character arcs. Their interactions are often interesting and their relationships are usually well developed. They also have a wide range of powers and abilities. Some of them are more powerful than others, but they all have a similar outlook on life. They have strong convictions and they all believe in something they believe in.

It is an excellent series and I hope that it continues. I think that the authors have a lot of potential and this series could be another hit. It may take a while, but I am sure that it will come out on top in the end. It is a very different type of manga and I think that it will be a very enjoyable read.


The setting in katagi modoshi chapter 1 is nothing short of impressive. Not only is it a pretty good story, but the art and design are also top-notch, and the music and sounds are a treat for any audiophile. The setting is so well-rounded and evocative, it feels like you’re right there with Akane. It’s also the most beautiful manga I’ve ever seen, and it is a shame that the series won’t be around for long, as there’s much to look forward to. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves high-octane action and adventure, and is looking for an interesting new read. The manga is published by a company called Rawkuma, which has several manga titles under its umbrella, including Katagi Modoshi and Taimans. Check out their website for more information about this high-flying title. The site is also home to a huge collection of scans and images, so be sure to bookmark it.


Katagi modoshi chapter 1 – Kiyoto Shitara manga is a Japanese manga series that was published in the Shounen magazine and released on August 11, 2010. The story is about a high school student who has an overwhelming power and seeks information on a criminal who killed his father. His purpose is to return the criminal to the right path and get revenge for his father. The story takes place in a world of Yakuza and school kids, where violence is rampant. The manga is written and illustrated by Kiyoto Shitara and published at ManhuaScan, one of the best manga websites to read manga online free. This site is updated regularly. Check back soon for more manga updates! This manga has 5 chapters and is translated into English. It is published under CC BY-SA. If you like the story, please help us by leaving a comment! You can also read the other chapters of Katagi modoshi at Rawkuma.


Aizawa, a high school student whose father was murdered by a gokudo (the wild beast that strayed from the path), is on a mission to hunt down the criminal and find out how he did it. Along the way, he crosses paths with some of the best and baddest of Tokyo’s Yakuza. He also meets a few of the most memorable characters in this series, including a mysterious gang of masked men with powers to match their name and a school boy who is more than happy to display his newfound martial arts skills to any unsuspecting bystander. This is a fun read that’s well worth the read, so be sure to check it out! This manga is updated regularly at rawkuma. Don’t forget to visit the other manga pages in this collection for the latest news, reviews and more!



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