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How to Use the Verb ‘Esperar’ in Spanish Sentences

The verb ‘esperar’ can be used to express the desire, hope, or wait for something. The meaning of esperar depends on the context, sentence structure, and subjunctive mood. This article will go over how to use esperar in Spanish sentences, and how to conjugate it in different moods. This verb is also commonly used as a greeting or as a way to express anticipation or hope.

The Spanish word ‘esperar’ means ‘to wait.’ It comes from the Latin’spero’ and is an active form of the verb ‘esperar’. It is also a synonym of ‘ojala’. It is important to note that ‘ojala’ is only used with subjunctive verbs. The Spanish word ‘esperar’ is not a proper adjective, as it means ‘wait’.

There are multiple meanings for ‘esperar.’ However, ‘confiar’ has a more general sense of trust. It can also mean ‘to hope for.’ The Spanish version of the verb ‘esperar’ is the most common. Its definition is “to trust”. The corresponding English translation, ‘esperar’, is ‘to believe.’ When used as a noun, esperar is used as a verb in context.

The word ‘esperar’ is a Spanish-English translation of ‘esperar’. It means ‘to hope for.’ It is a synonym of ‘espero’. It can also mean ‘to hope for.’ This translation can be difficult to understand if you are not a native speaker of the Spanish language. If you want to try using esperar, you should learn it.

‘esperar’ is a synonym for ‘espero’. In Spanish, esperar can also mean ‘trust’ or ‘believe’. It can also be a synonym for ‘esperar’. For example, ‘espero’ means ‘to hope’, whereas ‘esperar’ means ‘to trust’. In other words, it’s a noun for ‘to hope’.

‘esperar’ can be translated as ‘waiting for’ in Spanish. It means to expect a child. In Spanish, it means ‘to trust’, but it also means ‘to wait for’. It can be used to indicate the state of pregnancy. A baby’s name is often associated with the spero of a woman. This phrase is a metaphor for the human spirit. ‘esperar’ is the Latin word for ‘hope’.

esperar is a regular -ar verb. It means to wait for something. It can also be used in a past-tense sentence. This verb can be used in Spanish, French, or Italian. Depending on the context, esperar can also be a synonym for ‘trust’. When speaking with a person, esperar is a common way to express hope for something.

In Spanish, esperar is a word that means ‘wait’. It can also mean ‘wait’ for a child or expect a person. When you are waiting for something, esperar can be used to express your hope. Similarly, ‘waiting for something’ can be a synonym for ‘waiting for a baby’. If you want to express your hope for a child, esperar is the perfect verb.

In Spanish, esperar is used to say ‘wait’. It is a verb that is a common synonym for ‘espero’. The Spanish word esperar is an adjective that means ‘to trust’. It is the perfect verb for someone who needs to wait for something. It’s the perfect way to express your hopes. Just remember that it is not a negative adjective. It is a positive one.

The Spanish word ‘esperar’ has multiple meanings. ‘ojala’ means ‘waiting’. But ‘ojala’ is only a synonym of ‘esperar’. The verb ‘ojala’ also means ‘esperar’. ‘ojala’ is a synonym of ‘esperar. In Spanish, ‘esperar’ can also mean ‘waiting’.

Spanish esperar is an ar verb that means “wait,” “hope,” or “wait for”. In regular Spanish, esperar is the sixth most common regular Spanish verb, and it is used as a participle, esperado. In the present continuous tense, esperar is conjugated with the auxiliary verbs haber and estar. This form of esperar is a simple but effective expression of a wish.

In the Portuguese language, esperar is a regular ar verb. It is the 18th most common regular ar verb. Its participio is esperado and its gerundio is esperando. In Spanish, there is a difference between irregular and regular patterns. If you’re looking for a specific word or a specific conjugation pattern, you should refer to a dictionary.



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