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DiaperU (also abdl) Booties and Mittens

DiaperU (also abdl) booties and mittens are super cute, and they are usually made out of soft lightweight knit material. These would be great for anyone who is a diaper lover, or a fetish enthusiast of diapers and baby paraphernalia! They also can make a great addition to any cute UwU or ABDL asylum.


Our beautiful sissy Lockable ABDL Arm Mitts are made in satin and feature a streamlined design that hugs your arms and fist, with two layers of satin surround the form fitting foam that keeps the arm and balloon mitts in shape. They are a great addition to your sissy closet and will keep you in style as you show off your baby doll style.

Our ABDL Booties and Mittens are soft, adorable, and come in a machine-washable organic-blend fabric that’s breathable, naturally antimicrobial, environmentally sustainable and gentle on babies sensitive skin. They have a signature two-part closure for scratch and germ protection, and are adjustable as your baby grows.

ABDL Factory [Netherlands]: Large selection of Disposable diapers (ABU, Tykables Fabine, Crinklz, Bambinos Rearz, Betterdry, Inspire, Molicare, Tena, plus sample packs), Cloth nappies and Onesies, ABDL accessories like diaper tapes and pacifiers, Discreet shipping Worldwide!

Max Diaper [Sweden]: Stock diapers for incontinence (Attends, Molicare, Tena and PVC Snibb diapers) and ABDL(Fabine, ABU, Cuddlz, Crinklz), Booster pads, Tights, Bibs, plastic pants, Onesies, NUK pacifiers and bottles. Discreet shipping to the EU and Norway.


Mittens are another type of cold-weather accessory that can be useful to keep your baby’s hands warm. They are usually made of a soft material and feature an elastic on the wrist that will prevent them from coming off while your little one is out playing in the snow.

They are also a good idea to protect your baby from scratches on his face, especially if he has eczema or dry skin. They are often a little more expensive than regular mittens, but they are worth the extra expense if you have a baby who spends a lot of time scratching his face.

The best mittens on the market are typically made from high-quality materials that are comfortable and durable. Some are even organic, so they can withstand a good amount of wear and tear and avoid irritating your baby’s sensitive skin.

A quality mitten should also have features such as an extra-large thumb hole, a large wrist area and some sort of adjustable straps or elastic to help them stay on. It should also have a lining, such as a fleece if it’s meant for winter wear or a waterproof exterior if you’re going to be outdoors in the rain.


An accessory is a small piece of equipment that complements a larger item or outfit, often for fashion or functional purposes. Examples include watches, jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, hats and sunglasses.

A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories, and it is important that she chooses the right ones to match her outfit. They can help add color and style, or be used to express a person’s religious or cultural identity.

ABDL clothes and accessories are available online from various websites. Some websites specialize in ABDL clothing while others are more general in their selections. Some of these shops may not ship to the EU, so please make sure to check before placing an order.

Sleeping Owl [Australia]: carries AB nappies, Terry Nappies, Pins, Pacifiers, High quality Gary manufacturing plastic pants, rompers, mittens and booties, bedding protection, frilly panties, onesies, cloth nappies/diapers, training pants, smocks and bibs. They also carry Lille Supreme Fit Maxi diapers and pullups, Inspire booster pads and stuffers and washable waterproof bed pads.

Max Diaper [Sweden]: Stocks a large range of incontinence products (ABena, Molicare, Tena, PVC Snibb), ABDL diapers (Fabine, ABU, Cuddlz, Crinklz, Rearz and Betterdry), Booster pads, Tights, Bibs, plastic pants, Onesies, NUK pacifiers and bottles and Huggies Dry Nites. Discreet shipping worldwide.

Cuddlz [UK]: A good shop to find ABDL printed adult diapers and plain ones, they also supply an assortment of other ABDL items such as paci’s, plastic pants and AB clothes.

The Dotty Diaper Company [UK]: A UK-based company that specializes in making alternative designs for adult nappies/diapers. Inner Child [UK]: Sells ABDL printed adult diapers and plain nappies.

Little Annabelle (eBay): A whole range of customized disposable nappies, printed AB/sissy t-shirts, sissy knickers, socks and more!

ABDL Marketplace [UK]: Premium ABDL diaper/nappy sample packs. Buster Tees [UK]: Cute ABDL t-shirts.

Diaperhaus [Germany]: Authorized reseller of Fabine Exklusive diapers and an in-house diaper brand, women’s bodysuits and compression tights.

Nappies Rus [UK]: AB/DIY cloth diapers, stock nappies like Attends, Molicare, Tena, PVC snibb and ABDL, terry nappies, bibs and wipes. Discreet shipping to the EU and Norway.



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