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Caddo 911

The Caddo 911 district is an online tool for residents to report emergencies and make service requests. This service is provided by the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office and Communications District Number One. To learn more about Caddo 911, read this article. We’ll also talk about how to contact the Sheriff’s Office and the Communications District Number One. This information is available to the public through the 911 Web site. You can visit the Caddo 911 Web site by clicking the link below.

Caddo 911

The Caddo 911 service handles all calls within the city of Shreveport and the surrounding Caddo Parish. Its communications officers are comprised of employees from the Shreveport police department, fire department, and Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office. Callers who dial 9-1-1 are connected to the Shreveport Fire Department who screen calls for medical emergencies and send help to the scene. Once dispatched, Caddo 911 works with the other departments to provide emergency care.

The Parish of Caddo 911 Addressing Office assists the community by assigning temporary addresses to improved properties. These addresses are required for new developments, such as cellular antennas, oil and gas sites, and other facilities. These addresses are assigned through a partnership with the City of Shreveport, which accepts permit applications for construction. The City Permits office is located at 505 Travis Street and will process your 911 address request. Once complete, the permit application will be forwarded electronically to Caddo 911.

The Shreveport Fire Department Communications Division provides dispatch services to the fire departments of Caddo Parish. The department works closely with local fire chiefs to develop standardized dispatch protocols and standards. It also oversees the purchase of communications equipment and manages CAD database management. Caddo 911 provides fire and medical emergency dispatch services to seven fire districts within the parish. It is a valuable service and works with the fire department to provide emergency response and recovery services to the community.

Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency in southwest Louisiana. Its specialized divisions include patrol, marine police, and mounted police. Each unit has a supervisor who oversees their work. The sheriff serves as a mentor and informational resource for his officers. The Caddo Sheriff’s Office has several ways to contact them. Below are some of the ways to contact the office.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office is responsible for preserving peace and detecting and prosecuting crimes. The office manages a 1070-bed full-service correctional facility, provides group counseling sessions, and conducts religious services. It also maintains a Community Emergency Response Team that responds to high-risk situations. Finally, it supports crime prevention education and public safety by conducting awareness seminars. To learn more about the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, click the link below.

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Caddo Parish Communications District Number One

Caddo Parish Communications District Number One is a company located in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is in the Government business / industry, and primarily serves the area of Shreveport. It has been in business for 34 years, and employs approximately 7 people at one location. You can learn more about this company by visiting its website or reading our company profile. To contact Caddo Parish Communications District Number One, please visit their website at

Caddo Parish Communications District Number One is seeking candidates for the position of office manager. The office manager is responsible for overseeing the 9-1-1 Emergency Reporting System in Caddo Parish. This position will be responsible for maintaining a file of all fire equipment and personnel in Caddo Parish, and relocating resources as needed to ensure adequate protection in all areas of the city. This position also provides dispatching services for the seven fire districts within the parish.



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