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Best Virtual Reality Games for 2022

There are many different types of virtual reality games to choose from, but there are only a few that deserve your attention. Here are a few of the hottest titles for 2022. Afterlife is one such game. This psychological horror title takes place inside Barclay Mansion. Other new releases include Ultimechs by Resolution Games, the developer behind Blaston and Demeo. In this game, players must survive a series of twisted events to escape the barclay mansion.

Song in the Smoke

One of the latest VR games is Song in the Smoke. Created by the same developer who developed Skulls of the Shogun and Galak-Z, the game throws you deep into the wilderness, where you must survive against predators and a variety of creatures. The game is set in prehistoric times, when humans had no language, but this was no hindrance to the development of this VR title.

The game takes advantage of the VR technology to its fullest extent. It allows players to identify potential threats based on their sounds and sight. They can also make use of their body’s vibrations to sneak up on their prey. This VR survival title also features intuitive VR controls and a mysterious prehistoric world. Whether you’re looking to craft weapons and hunt prey, Song in the Smoke is definitely worth checking out.

Pistol Whip

While some of the VR games out there aren’t exactly technically perfect, Pistol Whip is one of them. It mixes elements of Beat Saber, John Wick, and Superhot. This game is a fun and addicting mix of both. It is recommended for anyone who likes rhythm games but is not yet a pro. In addition to its eerie, yet addictive atmosphere, Pistol Whip also features some of the best VR music.

This game has been around for a few years, but Cloudhead Games’ Encore Update has increased its replayability and depth by adding new songs, weapons, and modifiers. It also added a western-themed Fist Fight mode and a party mode. Those who want to play with friends can pass headsets to each other and compete for the top spot on leaderboards.

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is an immersive VR game, focusing on a tiny puppet named Bob and his quest to reach the top of a lighthouse in time for a storm to pass. Players guide Bob through his journey by manipulating objects and pulling strings in a VR world. Here’s why A Fisherman’s Tale is one of the best VR games in 2019.

A Fisherman’s Tale is a remarkably well-done taster that forces players to think outside the box and leaves them with mouths agape. Its poetic narration, delightful visuals, and cozy setting make for a memorable VR experience that will leave you speechless. A Fisherman’s Tale also offers a unique subversion of spatial awareness, but doesn’t require a high level of that.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard takes its cues from its series’ survival horror roots. Set in the mid-2017, this game takes place after the events of the previous installment, Resident Evil 6, which ended with the murder of a three-man television crew. This time around, players take control of a civilian, Ethan Winters, who is trying to locate his missing wife Mia. He travels to a desolate plantation mansion, and must uncover the secrets of the estate.

The game is set in Dulvey, Louisiana, and revolves around the Baker family plantation mansion. A mysterious woman named Mia went missing three years ago, and when she was not found, it was thought she had died. Ethan Winters receives a distressing message from her missing wife, calling for help. But what’s Ethan to do? Mia’s disappearance has brought on a swarm of mutated creatures, and she is unable to escape them.

No Limits 2

No Limits 2 is a virtual roller coaster simulator that lets you feel as though you are on the real thing. You can customize various elements of the game, such as the depth of field and HDR. The game also offers customizable options for ambient lights. Its positive and negative reviews were mixed, with some critics pointing out frame rate drops and other small bugs. However, many fans are still happy with this virtual reality roller coaster simulator.

Freelance Police is another game set to be released in 2022. HappyGiant is trying to recreate the spirit of Freelance Police in a VR game. It takes the concept of beating up bad guys and rescuing people from deadly situations to an unprecedented level of immersion. The game also features cross-play, which means that players can play with other players from all over the world. While it is still in development, No Limits 2 is a great VR title for those with PlayStation VR.

Astro bot: rescue mission

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a platform game that combines VR tracking with traditional platforming. In addition to the classic platforming gameplay, the game also features a 3D audio experience. As you progress through each level, you’ll need to use an analogue stick to move your primary Bot. This is a great way to get the most out of the game while remaining immersed in the world around you. As you rescue the bots, you’ll need to avoid falling objects or other obstacles that could hinder you from completing your mission.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have to navigate through many different environments and solve puzzles. You can also explore worlds where the creatures aren’t friendly, like the moon, or fight giant bosses. In ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission, you’ll find that you’ll have to make many different choices to save the lives of the space crew. In the VR environment, you can see around corners and behind you. The VR aspect also allows you to maneuver through the surroundings with ease.



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