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A Girl Who Seems Like a Yandere

Often times you’ll hear of a girl who seems like a yandere In this case, you’ll hear about Misa Amane, Shio, and Yuno Gasai. This is because of the way their personalities are portrayed in the mangas and animes that they are featured in.

Yuno Gasai

Among the many female characters in anime, Yuno Gasai is one of the most popular. She is also the most hated. Although she is a very cute girl, she is known for her unapologetic female rage.

She has the power to move huge structures with her will. She has also shown proficiency with poisons and drugs. Her hair is usually adorned in bows. She has big pink eyes.

She is a good fighter and infiltrates buildings unnoticed. She is also very shy around boys. She has also shown some reservations in killing. She has been very helpful to Yuki when they are together.

She also has an obsession with Yuki. She says that if Yuki dies, her life wouldn’t be worth living. She also feels that she is missing something.

She may have lived in an orphanage or foster home. Her parents are bankers and have serious money problems. She has also suffered mental abuse and neglect from her parents.

Misa Amane

Apparently, Misa Amane is a yandere. She holds the coveted Death Note, and has a few aces up her sleeve. So how does she stack up against her counterparts?

While there are no shortage of yanderes out there, some have a little more finesse than others. In particular, the Yandere whose name is enshrined in the immortal phrase, “Misa Amane”, seems like a rather smart and witty one. And, as with most Yanderes, she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Misa has a knack for striking up a conversation. She also has a knack for stalking other people on social media. She’s also quite jealous of others. She’ll do something out of the ordinary to get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do.

Misa is also a big fan of wine. She also has a knack for matching outfits. She’s also pretty adept at making people feel bad for doing something bad. She’s also a bit of a slut. She’ll want to buy you clothes and she’ll pressure you to move in with her.


Unlike other Yandere characters, Satou seems like a yandere on the surface. She has big dark crimson eyes and a green skirt, a brown vest, and a blue bag with fake sweets.

Satou is a freshman in high school. Her parents died in a mysterious accident, and her aunt has raised her since then. She has been doing her best to keep Satou out of trouble. Her aunt believes she is adorable. She helps Satou with her part-time job at a restaurant. She also seems like a friendly, if a little dim-witted.

Satou’s aunt has a dark side, too. After she learns of Satou and Shio’s relationship, she threatens Satou. She also tells Satou that she overstepped boundaries.

The Auntie also teaches Satou to like different kinds of love. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does lead to an unhealthy attachment.

Satou doesn’t really like loving everyone, and she has an unhealthy obsession with Shio. She thinks there is only one person she can love in the world. She also doesn’t like being a yandere.


Regardless of whether you like Satou, or not, she’s one of the most dangerous characters in the series. She seems like a normal high school girl on the outside, but on the inside she’s extremely dangerous. She is also very well written.

A yandere is a character who has a strange, bizarre love. These characters are often psychotic, kill people who get in their way, or even kill those who reject them. In Satou’s Journey, this love can include murder, mutilation, and something much worse.

Shio’s father was abusive. Her mother abandoned her. Her aunt, Hanako, is also depressed. She also has a poor relationship with Shio’s father, Taro. She doesn’t want to kill Shio, but her brother has gone mad. This can make Shio feel like she has to kill to protect her.

Shio is very socially awkward. She often misses jokes, and she doesn’t understand most things people say. She’s also very paranoid. She often tries to figure out what people are feeling about her before she says anything. She’s also extremely paranoid about rejection. She believes that crying is a sign of weakness, and she’ll try to hide her emotions.



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